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Travel to iconic cities and museums to view Yayoi Kusama's artworks

Canberra, London and New York are some of cities where permanent and exclusive time only installations where you can witness artworks by Yayoi Kusama.

  1. 1. National Art Gallery, Canberra

  2. We are super pleased to discover there will be a permanent installation of one of Yayoi Kusama's famous rooms at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

Official Website:


2. Liverpool Street Station, London

Announced in 2018, the Cross Rail Art Programme integrates art and infrastructure and will have a list of artists creating public artworks, including "Infinite Accumulation" by Yayoi Kusama. The work has been designed with the intention to encourage people to look up and response to the urban environment in a new way.

3. Tate Modern, London

  1. Infinity Mirror Rooms by Yayoi Kusama in exhibition until May 2021.

  2. However it is currently closed due to COVID19. Stay tune to their website.  

Official Website:


4. New York Botanical Gardens, New York, USA

An exclusive and one which we really look forward to is the Yayoi Kusama : Cosmic Nature exhibition, originally scheduled for this year, however due to COVID19, the exhibition will be postponed until Spring/Fall 2021.

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Find out more here if you wish to visit museums or galleries in Japan, where Yayoi Kusama Museum is located.

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