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How to Create an Art Corner at Home?

Updated: May 15, 2020

Our homes are beautiful spaces where we find solace. Sometimes we encounter moments of inspiration to paint but we simply do not have that space to do so. The idea of creating a dedicated artsy space for expression seems daunting. Fret not, with ideas and resources easily available these days, it is fairly simple and cost effective (yes!) to create a corner for leisure painting at home!

Here are 3 basic steps for you to get started to identify a space and the confidence to enhance your personal corner for a variety of expression!

Source: Instagram / Viktoria.Dahlberg

Choose a Craft

What would you really like to do? For starters, lets go with painting! Whether you are trying oil painting, watercolors, acrylic, gouache, crayons, Chinese ink, ink pen, pencil sketching or any other medium, try a craft which you feel you have the most connection with!


Small is the new creative! If you live in a tiny space or currently sharing space, you would be pleasantly surprise with the allure of small spaces to suffice your creative needs. (If you have a large space at your disposal, this is an added bonus!)

How do you identify a creative corner? We recommend to look around the room, move things to actively create a corner. Alternatively a blank space which gives the vibe of "I am an awkward gap you need to fill". This odd feature might just be what you have been looking for to give it some life!

Source: Instagram / Viktoria.Dahlberg

You may have multiple rooms, spaces and corners to decide on. Be creative, there are no rules! Take time to sit and sink in to the space on how you could use it.

Do you need to create specific partition for privacy or focus zone? Even if it is a space with just walls, it is entirely an individual preference on what could work. Here is an example of a dramatize painting space in the middle of the room! Source: Google Images / Interior Terrace

Source: Google Images / Rustic Interior Studio Design


It is common to expect natural sunlight as one of the main criteria when painting. Let's face it, many of us live in the middle of urban concrete and probably only getting home in the evening. Therefore, natural sunlight or artificial indoor light are both valid consideration (see photo).

It is also advantageous if your walls are white as it affords a brighter ambiance, however if your walls are of darker shade, adding interior artificial light will be functional and a nice touch to the decor.

Whichever time of the day you wish to paint, take time to experience the space and make necessary adjustments.

It would be easy to assume setting up a creative right beside the windows is ideal. However our experience has taught us that direct sun reflection is harsh and the glare really annoying to the eyes!

Once a space is identified, you are now ready to set it up! Source: Google Images / Home Studio

Stay tune for our next article on the basics of setting up a painting corner!

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