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The F* 2020 Show : Frequently Asked Questions




What is The F* 2020 Show on 30.12.2020 ?

The F* Show 2020 on 30.12.2020 is a one off, online, pay-per-view, virtual experience of LIVE & INTERACTIVE entertainment and games. Hosted in Malaysia and open for global participation. It is to celebrate the end of 2020 together and connecting with people from near and far, virtually!

Guests will experience a hosted virtual zoom party with entertainment programs and stand a chance to win prizes (delivered within Malaysia only).

Where and when does The F* 2020 Show take place?

The F* 2020 Show takes place on December 30th, 2020 (Wednesday). The event is LIVE, doors open at 20:00 and ends 22:00 (Malaysia time zone only).

The event takes place online via ZOOM. You will be able to enter the venue directly via the zoom login details. You will be admitted based on your Personal Login Code, which will be assigned to you 3 days before the event via WhatsApp and Email.

The F* 2020 Show is open for visitors of all ages, we recommend adult supervision for Under 18 years old.

In which countries is The F* 2020 Show available?

The F* 2020 Show is hosted virtually in Malaysia and accessible globally. You can purchase tickets with the understanding that the event will only be a one-off LIVE event between 20:00 to 22:00 (Malaysia time zone)

What do I need to experience The F* 2020 Show ?

To be able to participate, you only need:

(1) A ticket with personal login code

(2) A device like a laptop, computer, smartphone, smart TV or tablet

(3) A stable internet connection connected to your device

For best experience, set up your devices to connect with a big screen like a television or large computer screen for an optimal experience, or even better: project it on a big screen or a big white wall.

Special note, you may experience latency or audio lagged due to the casting or internet connection, therefore we recommend you to test one day before with your own zoom or online videos.

This is not a Virtual Reality or 3D experience, we only wish and hope to get there some day!

With how many people can I attend the event?

When you purchase a ticket, you can enjoy the event alone or with friends and family at home. Keep COVID-19 regulations in mind which is applicable in your country or region. The organiser's will not be responsible for any damaged or activities caused by the individual ticket holder.

What do I need to do on the day of the event?

On December 30th, 8pm, login to www.zoom.com with your Zoom account.

Use Artesque assigned Personal Login Code + Nickname (example: 007_TanBunHeong or 610_Fatimah or 452_Muthusamy) we will match your personal login code to your registered account for admittance to the event.

Make sure you are in an area with a stable internet connection and your devices are fully charged. For an optimal experience, we advise you to use a device with a big screen like a television or computer instead of a tablet or smartphone.

Tip: Close the other apps or web pages on your device; turn off notifications, this may cause the system to slow down.


Where and when can I buy a ticket for The F* 2020 Show 30.12.2020?

The Early Bird ticket sale starts on December 15th, 2020 at 12:00PM (Malaysia Time) and ends on December 25th, 2020 at 10:00PM (Malaysia time) OR until Sold Out.

Please be sure to check and update your personal details, especially your full name, address and mobile phone number, The meal delivery is automated and will be shipped to the home address on 30.12.2020 between 7pm to 8pm based on your registration.

Once you purchase the ticket on our website, you will receive an EMAIL notification. Check your spam inbox too. If you experience any delay, please write to hello@artesquemy.com we will need proof of payment receipt to track your purchase. We will not entertain any requests without a proof of payment receipt.

Please find all information about the different types of tickets here and meal deal details here.

What types of tickets and packages are available?

Please find all information about the different types of tickets here and meal deal details here.

Can I buy multiple tickets and meal deal for friends and family?

Yes, you can buy multiple tickets and meal deal.

For example: Each purchase requires individual registration. If you bought a ticket or meal deal for a friend, you would need to input your friend's name, delivery address and phone number correctly and leave a special instructions in the comments section so we can execute the order to your friend.

What are the different payment methods during the ticket sale?

Following payment methods will be available during the ticket sale:

PayPal (International and Credit Card Payments)

and/or local bank transfer to

Maybank 5621 5142 1733

Artesque Enterprise

E: hello@artesquemy.com

M: +6016-221 0610

Where and when will I receive my ticket?

You will not receive a physical ticket. After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase from Artesque.

Where can I find my personal access code?

Artesque will EMAIL and WHATSAPP your personal access code between 25th December to 28th December 2020. You will be required to reply and confirmed acknowledgement of your personal access code.

Participation & Prizes

What does my login ticket play for?

1 (ONE) personal login code entitles only 1(ONE) participation entry. You are allowed to purchase more than 1 tickets for more entry options.

1(ONE) ticket allows 1(ONE) individual to participate during the LIVE event

(1) Party Quiz

(2) Best Dressed Award

(3) Any other form of games during the LIVE event

On a separate contest that will be run before the LIVE show. The Social Media Contest of #thef2020show, this contest OPEN to everyone and no tickets are required.

How can I tell if I'm a winner?

The organiser will announce during the LIVE event, all the winners to all the category of prizes. The results will also be published on the organiser's Instagram and Facebook after the event.

How and when will I receive my prize(s)?

The prizes are only deliverable within Malaysia. The organisers will ship or email your prize(s) based on the information provided during registration, you are fully responsible to receive the prizes or acknowledge receipt. The organisers will not be responsible for LOST / RETURN items delivered to your address with a clear tracking and proof of receipt.

  • Grand Prize (Phone) will be delivered via a tracking shipment (approx 1 month)

  • Runner Up (Fine Dining) will be delivered via an email voucher (approx 1 week)

  • Best Dressed Award (Hotel Stay) will be delivered via an email voucher (approx 1 week)

  • #thef2020show social media campaign (Headphones) will be delivered via a tracking shipment (approx 1 month)

Please note that ALL PRIZES are subject to availability, any cancellation or changes will be replaced with equivalent valued experiences or items. These are not exchangeable with cash nor refundable. The gifts are only transferable within Malaysia delivery and will need to be formally requested by the winners. The organisers decision will be final and no requests will be entertained.

How long do I have to redeem?

The expiry date for your voucher is included in your winner notification. If you do not redeem your voucher by this date, your voucher will expire, and you will not be entitled to a new voucher code nor any refund in forms of cash or items.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding The F* 2020 Show, please contact hello@artesquemy.com

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