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SPOT ON! Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton

Updated: May 26, 2020

Fashion and arts are both strong representations of the time it exists in. Designers and brands with an eye for zeitgeist, infuses inspiration of arts into their creation. These collaboration has inspire adoration from legions of fans for many decades. Our focus is on a specific collaboration between one of the biggest luxury fashion house with one of the most famous female artist, still alive, making it simply one of the most iconic pairings globally of recent years.

Important to highlight that Kusama is not just an artist but also a progressive business woman. In the 1960s, she founded the Kusama Fashion Company Ltd. Her collaboration in recent times included Marc Jacobs, Lacome and of course Louis Vuitton.

Source: Yayoi Kusama, New York, 1964 / Getty Images

We are thrilled to see not just her artworks but inspiration from Kusama's younger days and style of her hair made it onto the models for this collab.

The carefully covered body parts with polka dots looks certainly inspired by Kusama's body hugging suit (below).

Source: Yayoi Kusama, Horse Play, Woodstock, 1967. Kusama Enterprise / OTA Fine Arts, Tokyo/Singapore and Victoria Miro, London (C) Yayoi Kusama

The collaboration covers every items from bags to dresses of the signature luxury fashion house.

According to Vogue UK's article, the range is the house's most significant artist collaboration since it teamed up with Steven Sprouse in 2001 to create his now-iconic graffiti bags.

We simply love the concept stores in Miss Selfridges, probably inspired from the polka dot rooms and corridors, featured in her iconic exhibitions. These lined polka dotes would simply lead the customer to the center piece featuring Yayoi Kusama (figurine of course!)

Source: Miss Selfridges, Yayoi Kusama, Louis Vuitton

Source: Miss Selfridges, Yayoi Kusama, Louis Vuitton

The window display are such astonishing feature you simply had to enter the shop to experience the mystifying artist of current times.

Source: Miss Selfridges, Yayoi Kusama, Louis Vuitton

We are still wondering if this is Kusama herself appearing on launch day on 5th Avenue?

Source: Louis Vuitton / 5th Avenue Store / Yayoi Kusama

Nonetheless, this crossover between the high fashion world and high art has certainly made us dazed with excitement. Legendary and iconic collaboration at such level is important to continue to set the path of out of the box thinking and possibility for young and upcoming contemporary artists to be inspired. The fascinating mind of Kusama and her boundless energy continues to surprise and energized all of us to embraced our individual uniqueness.

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