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How to start painting with thematic subjects?

As an art enthusiast, I have always prefer to paint whatever subject I like in whatever style I feel like in that moment.

I do equate travelling to my personal art expression, it is a journey and most of the time an unknown one where the process of discovery is much more important than arriving at the end of destination.

However, as we operate our online art classes on Zoom and observed our participants over the past few months, including their feedback. It seems that there are benefits when there is a visual direction with a thematic subject as an end goal follow through during the online art classes for them.

I wondered why is that and I suppose the answer is very simple.

Image source : Google (Pineapple Art) with Canva designs

Images from Artesque : Watercolour Session, Oil Painting Session and Zentangle Session.

Many of us do like the idea of exploration, however we are also realistic that it could come at a cost of making mistakes, retracing our steps if we did not have sufficient time to explore, it has made us much more careful and becoming creatures who likes to plan.

The same feeling is applicable with pursuing art as a leisure hobby. Many of us are busy individuals and therefore we constantly seek to have an end destination in mind and maybe a sort of quicker pathway to get things done.

With this is mind, our artist guides continues to curate subjects and themes that are fun and meaningful for our participant of Watercolour, Acrylic, Oil Painting and Zentangle. It helps the participants to get into the mood of painting, anticipating the potential of the subject, and understand the themes and visual cues to benefit the most from the 2 hour they are dedicating to their artistic pursuit.

We understand that an online experience requires much more human touch and service as we are all behind a screen, therefore a story telling at the start of our session as prepared by our art moderators is a nice warm up to the theme of the day and spark some knowledge which we may not even know before!

The leisure of painting of given me a lot of return not just during a pandemic year, it is one of the rare activities where I find joy spending time with myself and upon completion of the discovery, I find myself excited for the next chapter and possibility on a blank canvas. With this, we sincerely welcome you to try one of our art classes and share your exploration with us too!

You can sign up for our online art classes here. !

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