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Artist Spotlight : Yoshitomo Nara

Are they cute or are they devilish? Maybe they are just damn f***in powerful.

Credit: Sotheby's Auction

Yoshitomo Nara's work has an extremely broad appeal, the immediate connection with a young, innocent looking figure with a mysterious touch that catches you off guard. Nara's work has spark some serious bidding war in the past few years!

Nara's large scale works with muted colors, sometimes with strong accents is somewhat soothing and with strong messages. As an artist, he utilizes his influence to raise important and urgent messages in the face of world events.

How Nara started painting is definitely rooted in his background of living far from the urban city of Japan and spending plenty of time creating his expression and listening to loud rock music (something he still do these days in his studio!)

Photo Credit: Yoshitomo Nara by Alexander Coggin

Nara also spent a considerably amount of time in Germany where sub cultures of art influences his work and elements of neo-expressionism style can be seen in Knife Behind Back which was painted during this time. His repertoire spans beyond just canvas painting and includes sculptures of the figures representative of his personal style.

Source: Knife Behind Back by Yoshitomo Nara

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