Artist Spotlight : Venice Foo

At the beginning of its origin, embroidery was aimed on a piece of fabric for communicative purposes. Recorded history, sculptures, paintings and vases depicting inhabitants of various ancient civilizations show people wearing thread-embroidered clothing.

Credit: Venice Foo (Artist)

For an artist like Venice Foo (Instagram : @chauxhien ) who favours yarn and needles over the conventional way, her artwork looks very much exquisite. The feeling of crafting or creating something with her own hands has always been a devotion to her. Think about Sofia Salazar, Orly Cogan and Cayce Zavaglia where the common interest is in embroidery, they turn a piece of blank canvas into aesthetically pleasing artwork. Speaking to Artesque about her art style, Venice said it is rather feminine and for the same reasons, the majority of her clients are females.

Image: Lady by Venice Foo

We were instantly drawn to her artwork for its vibrant colours. Attributing to her grandmother’s garden, many of her artworks revolve around the theme of nature. To Venice, the plants never looked the same to her everyday. Her love for nature is embedded upon growing up and now, she can be found spending her free time hiking or walking in nature.

Image: Weeping Willow Tree by Venice Foo

The intricacy of each artwork defines her thought process along the way. She added that working as a full-time artist has helped to improve her communication with clients. “It's much easier to understand what client visions and wants if I have a clean organised portfolio to showcase.” said Venice. Although living a stretch away from the capital, it did not stop Venice to find a great opportunity to showcase her work. She is now preparing her first ever solo exhibition at the Borneo Art Hive in November 2020.

“I'm still experimenting with different types of medium and art style so I’d spend some time exploring different methods of creating things. Experimenting can be scary at times but I know for one that it's important to expand the skillset. I wouldn't limit myself in one single art style or medium.”

For Venice, what helps her thinking process is to understand her limits; She told Artesque that at any given time (when she’s tired), she will surround herself with inspiring activities. “I'll take a break from what I'm doing and put my attention on other projects - or sometimes the simple pleasure in life is just surrounding myself with things that inspire me.”

Image: Venice Foo (artist) working on an indoor installation in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Working closely with Red Hong Yi (Instagram: @redhongyi) has been the biggest breakthrough moment for her. As someone who constantly needs to find footing in this arena, getting selected by an international artist would help her career tremendously, or so she thought.

“She (Red Hong Yi) is a remarkable Malaysian artist! I love her installations before I get to know and work with her in person, thus I was very excited when I got selected as one of her studio assistants.”

One of the biggest projects they’ve worked together was for the Pillars of Sabah 1.0 back in 2018. It features the works of 30 Sabahan artists honouring 30 people from Sabah who have inspired them. Each artist was allocated a pillar where they paint their chosen portraits on one side and their own self-portrait on the other.

Venice also mentioned how she was lucky to have supportive friends who would commission her to make and create something for them. They also introduced potential clients to Venice which makes it easier for her to decide to do this full-time. She has just been focusing on new fiber art techniques throughout the lockdown period. For Venice, trying out different ways of making art will open up many possibilities! It will unleash creativity in ways you could never quite see it before!

Follow Venice Foo on Instagram (@chauxhien) for her latest artwork developments!

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