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Artist Spotlight : Takashi Murakami

All hail the prince of collaboration! You have probably been touched at least once by Takashi Murakami's artwork collaboration with a famous fashion house or just noticing that bunch of colorful and happy looking kawaii (cute!) sunflowers smiling at you!

Versatile, active, generous and a tireless worker, Takashi Murakami's is an iconic art world figure born in Tokyo, Japan and has since expand his multi entrepreneurial ideas around the globe.

Source: Louis Vuitton / Takashi Murakami

More importantly for us to highlight, Murakami is a strong believer in supporting and empowering emerging artists, organizes art fairs, created artworks for charity auction with the UNICEF and many more extension of his amazing generosity to inspire people from all walks of life.

Known as the founder of the 'Superflat' art, the notion of flatten forms of art, animation and fine arts. In our interpretation through the view of Murakami's collaboration effectively blurring high arts and low arts.

Source: Takashi Murakami / Google Images

Source: Takashi Murakami / Pharrell Williams

Murakami's extensive reach of collaboration spans as far as the luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton, where over a decade long collaboration brought out some of the most cherished design of the brand, with street wear VANS, SUPREME and most recently with UNIQLO. In music, Murakami's together with generation defining pop stars like Billie Eilish, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams have created a surge of interest of works created by him with his partners.

Finding out creative collaboration of art with pop culture really infuses the idea of art in everyday life. Some even say that Takashi Murakami is the Andy Warhol of the East, what do you think?

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