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Artist Spotlight : Salvador Dali

4 things you (probably) did not know about Salvador Dali!

The Friendship of Dali and Picasso or

affectionately known as Los Dos Amigos (the two friends)

Salvador Dalí, barely 22, and his family took a trip to Paris in 1926, their first stop was the studio of Dalí’s idol Pablo Picasso. “We came here even before visiting the Louvre!” Dalí told Picasso.

Image: Picasso and Dali painting an egg.

Illustration by David Vela

Dalí was inspired by Picasso’s pioneering Cubist works, and Picasso by Dalí’s 1929 solo exhibition in Paris. They may not be in agreement all the time, but, reportedly, Picasso twice paid for Dalí’s travel to America. If that’s not a friend, indeed.

Source: trinityhousepaintings.com / W Magazine

Dalí was known to be thrifty with his money, it was said that when he dined with a large group of friends, he would offer to pay the bill. However he would then pay with a check and include a doodle on the back of the check, knowing that the check would never get cashed seeing as the doodle he left was infinitely more valuable.

What would you do ?

Would you cash in the cheque or keep the check with Dali's doodle?

Getty Images: Dali wearing an animal skull as a hat, 1950s

Story: trinityhousepaintings.com

Famed for his gregarious stunts, Dali decided to deliver his lecture at the 1936 London International Surrealist Exhibition dressed in an antique diving suit, representing him delving into the sea of his subconscious.

When he began to suffocate inside the soundproof suit, his audience thought it was part of an elaborate performance!

Source: trinityhousepaintings.com

Folklore has it that Dali was having coffee with his friend,

Enric Bernat (founder of Chupa Chups) who was frustrated with the branding of the new lollipop.

Dali immediately offered to help his friend with the design with just papers and pen over coffee. In an hour or so, Dali came up with the bright colored daisy design and keenly aware about branding, he shared that the design has to be right at the top of the lollipop for immediate attention.

Well, that's a story! Now we can all own a piece of Dali !

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