Artist Spotlight : Rekha Menon

In our special Merdeka month artist spotlight, we reach out to Rekha Menon (@rekhamenonart) who had her very first breakthrough moment in the industry when she participated in the International Watercolour Biennale in 2018. Since then, she never look back.

Artist Rekha Menon (pictured above) visit for art purchase or contact Artesque for further details.

Born and based in Kuala Lumpur, Menon combines naïve figurations, abstract motifs and pop colours in her body of work. Drawing her inspiration from Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, her bright and colourful palette flows with lines, shapes, patterns, symbols and shading signify the plethora of expressions and feelings. Her works with mixed media explores the mystery of our subconscious mind.

Mixed Media on Canvas (from left) - Identity II, Walk With Me, Identity I by Rekha Menon

Menon had set out to become a full-time artist in October 2017. By then, she was pretty much established with a few exhibitions going on, including overseas exhibitions.

As a self-taught artist, Menon was made aware of the setbacks she needs to endure in order to feel “belonged”. She said that having met kind individuals who guided her had quickly elevated her career in this line. She seek advice from the right parties to have better understanding about the industry. The hardship has led to another breakthrough moment in her journey where she got to showcase her works in Tokyo 2 years ago.

Limited Editions Giclee Prints 30cm x 30cm - from left (i) Got Bread ? (ii) Can I Follow You? (iii) Cheers by Rekha Menon

By taking some of the great lessons from her personal journey, Menon shares her tips to stay focused in the creative scene. One, to always be grateful and kind. Two, to strive in being a better listener. Three, to constantly learn and improve in her creative process.

I have always been interested in the human element, especially to discover how as multi-dimensional beings we are all connected.

Menon shared with Artesque that she tends to explore subjects that are related to emotions, inner healing, oneness and change.

“I have always been interested in the human element, especially to discover how as multi-dimensional beings we are all connected. I believe when every person is given the right care and opportunity, there will be more empathy, kindness and understanding in this world. I hope to create art that resonates my sentiments.” Menon shared.

During the quarantine period, Rekha did a #coronatimes series of digital works, a new medium for her, which was well received. Currently a selection of eight pieces is available as limited-edition RFID tagged Giclée prints. She was thrilled that six of the artworks from this series were selected for both online and offline group exhibitions.

Rekha is currently working on a few pieces for upcoming online exhibitions locally and internationally. Updates on these shows will be on and @rekhamenonart on Instagram and Facebook, contact the artist directly or speak with Artesque if you would like to purchase art.

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