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Artist Spotlight : Katushika Hokusai

After almost 2 centuries, this recognizable wave is so popular that it is now part of our daily life in the form of an emoji!

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, circa 1833, Hokusai

This woodblock print was a landmark series created at the age of 70 years old by the artist. This is a truly stunning series, we could not urge you more to view the complete 36 artworks here at Artelina.com

Hokusai's obsession with Mt. Fuji or affectionately known locally as Fujisan can be felt through these beautifully express pieces of the majestic mountain, sometimes upclose, sometimes in a distant, in the every day life of the people in Japan.

With much difficulty as we love the whole series, here are our top 9 favorite artworks from the talented woodblock work from Hokusai!

Reason no. 3, Hokusai's depicting the different seasons and the majestic beauty of the sacred Mt. Fuji, lending a beautiful poetic touch. Wintery scenes of tourists looking out of the inns or tea houses, the nature and life blossoming in spring and of course the scorching summer with a red hot Mt Fuji.

Reason no.2, Hokusai capturing the awe of Mt Fuji on people looking at it. The amazement of tourists and pilgrims visiting nearby temples overlooking to Mt Fuji. On the bustling Nihonbashi bridge where merchants from around the country trade amidst glimpses of Mt Fuji, and of local fishermen on boats enjoying the company of Mt Fuji as seen under the Mannen bridge.

Reason no. 1. Our absolute obsession about this is Hokusai's depiction of life and the livelihood of its people together with its surrounding nature. The scenes by Noboto Bay of kids playing in the water and if we got this right, locals picking up baskets of seaweeds! We also love the carved work of the blue water portrayed with the traditional waterwheel, which looks like a power generator of its time, and the lone man working on a large barrel tirelessly and with the frame of Mt Fuji right behind him.

Oh, how we wish to follow the footsteps lay out by Hokusai in this 36 scenes and experience the awe he must have experienced to create such humble and great artwork of his time that we can even appreciate even until today!

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