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5 reasons why everyone should try an art class

Updated: May 19, 2020

Whether it is virtual or face-to-face art class, taking up a new skill like painting, is easier than you can imagine!

Source: Artesque Malaysia 2017. Malaysian Artist Mr. Yeo Eng Peng guiding a student.

You are your own muse

Your experiences are personal, these are moments that you could re-live and express it onto a blank canvas that a click of photograph could not capture.

Art feels intimidating because of great masters like Da Vinci or Michelangelo. Well, we have a practical recommendation, you are your own muse! We live in a different time and era and our experiences are different vastly different from the past. Why not trust yourself to sign up for a class to express your unique experiences and ideas of something you really like in your life on to a canvas?

Source: Artesque Malaysia 2019. Art Jam session for LANY fans organized by Universal Music Malaysia.

You could meet like-minded creative individuals

You are not alone if you are worried about your artistic skills. We went through exactly the same! Painting is now quite popular as a leisure and social activity. You could meet other individuals who share the same interest, in a pleasant environment for beginner's to brush up their confidence and get a basic understanding to enjoy painting!

You could meet local artists and get some really good art tips

Even the greatest artists have to start with their first step

There are many art classes, sessions and workshops available online or offline for your participation. We recommend signing up for an art class with a guide. You can take this initiative to work your idea with the guide on tips to start from scratch. There are also art classes where the whole class paints the same image so it would be a step-by-step guide. Here, a Malaysian artist, Aleff Ahmad was discussing with his student on how to approach painting human figure for the first time.

Source: Artesque Malaysia 2018, Oil Painting Artist Guided Session

Experience the magic of being in the zone

You often heard the expression of forgetting the time and we could not emphasis more that this does happen when you are completely immerse in your creation. In a space when you are on a mission to complete your achievement, the sense of focus is much more. It is also one of the rare activities you can do on your own and still have fun too!

Source: Artesque Malaysia 2017, Oil Painting Artist Guided Session

A gift for yourself!

Probably the most important reason of all, you should pick up a creative hobby for yourself! You are creating your own masterpiece to take home with or gift it to someone you love!


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