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3 Reasons Why You Should Join An Art Competition

On your artistic journey, you may wish to understand how your artwork fares, take the opportunity to push the envelope, develop your personal voice, cultivate self confidence to show your work, and inspiring others in the process of doing so too!

No matter at what age, art competitions are great opportunities and here are 3 which we believe are reasons why you should take part in it. But first, let us extend the invitation for you to join the DREAMSCAPE art competition (submission deadline May 10th, 2021) via Le Art Shop

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1. The Challenge

A challenge equates to an opportunity to create outside of your comfort zone! A themed art competition allows you to dig deep and develop a sense of what you wish to convey and stories you wish to tell to the world.

Taking the example from DREAMSCAPE Art Competition, the tagline "Paint the blurred line between dream and reality" are inspired by our current reality of the pandemic. How you would depict the areas of dream and reality that you are in? Will this be of escape, of acceptance, of healing, or of hope? It is a unique perspective to individuals and a voice which you could challenge as a question and address it in your own way.

"Creativity Takes Courage"

Henri Matisse

2. Artistic Standards

No matter if you are a hobbyist or in the process of developing yourself as an artist. An art competition is chance for your artwork to be evaluated by the judges, sounds scary?

It does not have to be scary, whether it is a new or a legacy competition, the standards of artworks submitted to these contests will developed over time with various judging criteria from qualified experts in their respective fields.

The competition standards offer artist an opportunity to view other artworks, pushing innovation, story telling styles, messages that matters to the artists, the core elements that move people and move the art scene, and art competition is one of the easiest way to be seen and heard by the judges in the fields too.

3. Your Journey

It is not about winning but to experience the journey. The thought process that you gained by dedicating time into completing an artwork and of self validation, is one which you can achieve through a competition.

Do it for yourself! Art is a journey rather than an end on its own, your personal benchmark are different when evaluated by others, recognize how humbling it is to get your hands dirty and create something magical which you can share with the world.

Set a target, join art competition that speaks to you and we wish you all the best in your artistic journey!

In conjunction with our official art supplier partner, Le Art Shop's 1st anniversary, we are inviting amateurs and accomplished artists to submit their artworks to the DREAMSCAPE Art Competition by 10th May 2021.

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